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Meet Martin


As an insurance claimant myself, I understand how difficult it is to fight with your insurance company for fair payment. I suffered a significant loss in my business that took several months to settle. Due to my dissatisfaction with both Companies and/or Company Adjusters and Public Adjusters that I dealt with, I founded Insurance Assurance Inc. I will always ensure my clients that they will never be treated the same way that I was.

Insurance Appraisal-Martin

Martin’s Experiences

Experience #1


Shortly after a personal loss, I was approached by a Public Adjuster that represented he could help and resolve my claim. He was formerly an insurance adjuster for this company and he appeared very knowledgeable about insurance. After retaining him, he quickly lost interest in the claim when I was unwilling to settle my claim or at least make an offer to settle my for 25% of the damages I inevitably recovered. I was dissatisfied by his indifference to the actual damages, which I believe stemmed from his time spent as a company adjuster and then becoming a public adjuster to make a buck.

Experience #2

In 2003, Hurricane Isabelle damaged a commercial building I owned in North Carolina. Knowing the necessity of having a Public Adjuster but having a commitment to my consumers in Pensacola, Florida, I retained a large firm to handle the claim as we already had commitments to our consumers. 

This Public Adjusting Firm claimed over $800,000 in damages, although then agreed and signed an Appraisal Award for less than $100,000. I ended up suing them, although the only satisfaction I was able to receive was recovery as this firm had no Errors or Omissions Insurance. Rather changed their name to a similar one and went back to business as normal. 

Due to the unforgiving experiences, the rest of my life was spent trying to ensure that no one has to go through what I did by battling and fighting to receive what is rightfully theirs.

My decision to become a public adjuster was fast and passionate. As soon as I obtained all the necessary licenses and credentials, I opened Insurance Assurance Inc.

I am proud to offer property damage victims professional representation in their insurance claims, equal playing fields, and maximum compensation for their losses.

Why Insurance Assurance Inc.?


The company was created solely for the purpose of helping policyholders, and our team cannot rest until you receive every dollar your homeowners insurance or commercial insurance policy promises.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be your trusted representative and make sure that you are successful throughout your property insurance claim process.